Petroleum Traders offers Price Management programs for those purchasing Wholesale Diesel, Wholesale Gasoline, Heating Oil based on Opis Pricing.
As a leading petroleum wholesaler, we offer Price management programs to fuel jobbers based on Opis Pricing standards.
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Petroleum Traders is a leading supplier of wholesale gasoline and wholesale diesel, while also offering bulk diesel fuel, bulk gasoline, off road diesel, off road gasoline, bio diesel fuels, firm price diesel contracts, firm price gasoline contracts and full fuel inventory management solutions. 
Petroleum Traders focuses on being the number one fuel wholesalers of bulk diesel and bulk gasoline to the continental United States and does not import or export fuels outside of the United States like some other fuel wholesalers. We offer turnkey wholesale diesel fuel and wholesale gasoline fuel service at levels that separate us from the other fuel traders across the nation.
We provide discount fuel to commercial, government, and wholesale customers of all sizes.  Commercially, we service the trucking, construction, railroad, mining, and manufacturing industries as well as utilities and private fleets.  In the public sector, we are both a contract and spot supplier to government agencies of all types, including mass transit, and school boards.  Our shipping and supply strength also allow us to provide savings to wholesale fuel jobbers, hypermarkets, and other unbranded retailers
We offer a full range of pricing management programs, including floating index references (such as OPIS), firm prices, caps pricing, and collar pricing.  We complement our leading edge price management programs with dispatch, fuel inventory and tank monitoring services that are unmatched in our industry.    
By combining large national supply strength with local proactive service, Petroleum Traders Corporation is the perfect 'hybrid" supplier.  Contact us today and let one of our customer service representatives tell you more about the value we can create for your firm.
Please view a brief Video describing the benefits of our Fuel Inventory management systems.

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10/31/2014 - Strong Dollar Adds to Oil's Woes
Crude-oil prices were lower Friday as a rising dollar put pressure on the market.
10/30/2014 - U.S. Third-Quarter GDP Expands at 3...
WASHINGTON-The U.S. economy expanded steadily again during the third quarter, a sign of sustained growth fueled by American consumers and businesses despite mounting concerns about the health of overseas economies.
10/29/2014 - OPEC Chief Says Lower Oil Price to ...
Falling oil prices could push half of U.S. tight-oil production out of the market
10/28/2014 - Oil Prices Steady After Volatile Se...
Oil prices were close to flat Tuesday morning, and less volatile than in the previous session, which saw intimations of an oversupplied first half of next year rock prices.
10/27/2014 - Oil Retraces Losses After Market Ho...
14:51 EDT - Looking at the oil settlement today you wouldn't think much happened, with December futures settling down 1 cent at $81 a barrel on the Nymex.
10/27/2014 - Oil Slides on Weak Long-Term Outloo...
NEW YORK--U.S. oil prices dropped below $80 a barrel Monday after a major U.S. bank slashed its price forecasts for the first half of the coming year.
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National Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Supplier, Fuel Wholesalers, Wholesale Gasoline
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