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Welcome! Petroleum Traders Corporation, based in Fort Wayne, Ind., is dedicated to serving our friends and neighbors in our local community.

Below, we've shared some of the best local deals for saving you money on gas giving you the ability to make the most of your summer travel with your friends and family!

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Wowo Stop and Shop Wowo Stop and Shop Savings
Stop and Shop saves you 10 cents per 100 points you earn through their shopping program. They give you the potential to save up to $2.20 per gallon through participating Shell stations.*
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Wowo Kroger Wowo Kroger Savings
By using your Kroger shopper's card for your weekly grocery purchases, you're able to rack up points to help save up to $1 off per gallon on fuel purchases at Kroger and at participating Shell Stations.*
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Wowo Speedway Wowo Speedway Savings
The Speedy Rewards program is a free service, which offers points through every purchase at their stations and stores. For 8,750 points earned, you can save 50 cents per gallon. Purchasing their gift cards saves you three cents per gallon.*
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Wowo Marathon Wowo Marathon Savings
Marathon gives you five options of cards to save you money. Their Visa Card can save you up to 25 cents per gallon. The Marathon Cash or Gift Cards save you $1 off a $50 card, $2 off a $100 card, and up to $10 off a $500 card.*
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Wowo Wallmart Wowo Wallmart Savings
Walmart gives you three options to save 10-15 cents per gallon by using their Walmart MoneyCard, Walmart Credit Card or Walmart GasCards. The gas savings are available by using their MurphyUSA stations.*
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Wowo BP Wowo BP Savings
BP gives you an instant savings of 10 cents per gallon just for signing up for BP Driver Rewards. After that, you're able to earn as much as five cents per gallon for every 20 gallons of fuel purchased.*
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Wowo Lassus Wowo Lassus Savings
By using the Lassus Hometown Rewards card, you're able to rack up points by purchasing gas or any product in their stores. Earning more enough points can save you up to four cents/gallon. Their Lassus Instant Gas Discount card can earn you up to seven cents/gallon.*
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Wowo Sunoco Wowo Sunoco Savings
Sunoco offers their APLUS rewards program and a rewards credit card that can save you five cents per gallon.*
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Wowo Meijer Wowo Meijer Savings
The Meijer Credit Card can earn you five cents per gallon by using your card at any Meijer Gas Station throughout the Midwest. No minimum fuel purchase is required to earn savings.*
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DISCLAIMER: Petroleum Traders Corporation assumes no responsibility for the validity of information provided above. The above numbers and content is strictly for information purposes only, no guarantee of savings is made. All logos used above are owned by their respective company. Petroleum Traders Corporation is not sponsored by any of these companies.

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