Petroleum Traders offers many services to manage your fuel costs
Petroleum Traders services allow you to budget accurately and realize significant fuel cost savings
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Petroleum Traders offers a wide variety of services to help you manage your fuel costs, budget accurately, and realize significant fuel cost savings.

Firm Prices

With firm prices, you can manage your fuel costs for as little as one week or up to two years with the most common price management method. Petroleum Traders also offers short-term, easy-to-reference price protection.

Cap Pricing Program

Cap pricing allows you to cap your fuel costs at a predetermined ceiling price while still providing you the opportunity to participate in a lower cost market.

Collar Pricing Program

A collar program can fix your cost to an agreeable range as opposed to being exposed to the random volatility of the marketplace.

Tank Monitoring

Petroleum Traders offers fuel tank monitoring service and fuel inventory management to save your employees time, ensure a steady supply of fuel, and creating fuel cost savings for your firm.

Index Pricing

Petroleum Traders offers index pricing programs based upon the major nationally recognized indexes such as OPIS Pricing, JOC, or Platts. With index pricing, we will benchmark your fuel price on these pricing references plus a differential. Regardless of the price your wholesaler is able to purchase at, your price remains tied to this pricing reference.

National Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Supplier, Fuel Wholesalers, Wholesale Gasoline
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